Incredible penguin awareness day photographs

Penguins are native of the Antarctica and they are most loveable creature. When these flightless birds gather in flocks, they look like miniature people, clad in black and white outfit, toddling on the frozen ice blocks. In view of the global warming part of the huge icebergs started melting putting these cute birds in the danger of slow extinction.

Every year January 20th is observed as the Penguin awareness day and every one must try to know about them on this day. To celebrate this day, this page highlights 20 amazing photos of penguins that you must watch. via boredpanda

Image credits: Andreas Butz

Image credits: Alexandre Voyer

Image credits: Zi Yao

Image credits: Tony Beck

Image credits: Steve Shuey

Image credits: mqwilliam

Image credits: Mariusz Potocki

Image credits: Manfrotto

Image credits: Stephane Leroy

Image credits: David Merron