Huge swimming pool covered with pit balls can make you surprised

China has created the world record by covering a large scale swimming pool with the pink and green pit balls on 30th October to celebrate the Pink day. The swimming pool is 82 ft long and it is 41 ft wide as well and this huge size swimming pool is covered with colorful balls on this day. This swimming pool is located in Kerry Hotel.

The motto of arranging this pit ball swimming pool was to prevent cancer and to give joy to the guests as well. If you want to know about this stunning idea along with the images of the decorated pool then you can enter into this web page. via h/t: [Reddit, Yahoo!, Shangri-La] | via mymodernmet

via: Reddit

Photo: Aly Song/Reuters

via: Shangri-La Hotels

Photo: Aly Song/Reuters

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Above photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters