Hubby In Love with Wife’s Eight foot Belly

Who had thought that this lady called Gayla Neufeld could find love and make way to her man’s heart with the help of her eight foot belly. That is correct.

Gayla is a supersized model who is admired by many around the world for her curves. But the most precious gift that she has received in her life is a loving and caring husband Lance whom she met on forum of people who had a fetish towards fat called Bulge Chat.

Gayla now uses her 96 inch asset to impress and entice people all over the world as a webcam model and his loving hubby keeps inspiring her. But her story had not been the same from the beginning.

She had a very tough early life. She was bullied in school to hell and had attempted many ways through which she could get rid of her family’s peculiar genetic problem of accumulation of fat in the midriff of the body.

But after a long time, she has now learned to be confident in her own skin and is leading a self-assured and happy life with her dear hubby Lance in their Brandon home of Manitoba, Canada.