How pole dancing saved life

Not every day will you hear that pole fitness has saved a girl’s life, but it is the case with Kerry Derham. In 2009, she tried to end her life by cutting her wrists as she faced rock bottom in her life. She was obese and faced a brutal break up in her relationship which totally destroyed her self esteem and she was unable to look at herself in the mirror.

She decided to do something in order to escape from her miseries and she took up pole dancing as her hobby. Even though it started out just as mere hobby, it became her escape from reality. Pole dancing is a very challenging task but she enjoyed the challenge.

She mastered the art and in the process lost 5 stones and reached peak of fitness and happiness. By 2011, she had forgot all her past misery and decided to teach pole dancing to other girls.

She turned her hobby into her profession and started helping and influencing other girls who are going through a rough phase in their life. Today, Kerry is 31 years old and successfully runs pole dancing and fitness business helping other women overcome their struggles in life.