How a grizzly bear was caught pole dancing

Could anyone have ever imagined watching a grizzly bear pole dance? Thankfully, it has been made possible by Michael Ethridge, who is the director of operations for Birmingham Baptist Association in Alabama.

He was on a trip to South Dakota to Yellowstone National Park along with his wife Mimi and grandsons. In the park they witnessed much different kind of bears but one grizzly had wandered off from the pack and they decided to follow it in their car.

To their surprise the bear stood up with his back to a post and started scratching his back. His motions were so rhythmic that it could have been a stripper pole dancing in a strip club.

The whole family was highly amused and thankfully Michael captured the hilarious moment on his mobile phone. After a good scratch and unaware of the amusement he has caused, the grizzly bear walked off at his own pace.

If not for the 66 year old and his mobile phone, the world would have missed a great hilarious spectacle, something which we don’t expect to see anytime soon. The video sent ripples of laughter amongst people and instantly went viral.