Height Of Aerial Photography!

Numerous landmarks all around the globe has been clicked countless times by a huge number of professional photographers from different angles. Needless to say, those stunning snapshots give everyone a thrill. But after going through this series of breathtaking aerial photographs of those places, you will get to see them from a completely different perspective.

The key purpose of this segment is to make you feel the difference of observing a same subject from a completely different and bizarre angle. Most photographers prefer to take these types of aerial pictures from gliders, hot – air balloons, helicopters or from various tall structures. via Kacper Kowalski and Klaus Leidorf. (via) | via boredpanda

Image credits: Aldas Kirvaitis

Image credits: Sergey Semenov

Image credits: archive.4plebs.org

Image credits: Pablo Lopez Luz

Image credits: Yann Arthus Bertrand

Image credits: unknown

Image credits: thezooom.com

Image credits:  Robert Elves

Image credits: satimagingcorp.com

Image credits: Judit Kovacs