Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Of Cassie and Lewis Byrom

People have a craze with Harry Potter novel series penned by J.K. Rowling, and that prompts prospective brides and grooms to plan their weddings incorporating the wonders, thrills and decors that appear in the novels. One such themed marriage is that of Cassie and Lewis Byrom.

In the marriage, the couple distributed wands to all the 130 guests who attended the function, while the bridesmaids held paper bouquets formed from 20 cut -up novels. Then rings were presented to each other on a copy of the Half Blood Prince with inscription “Always” made as a tribute to Severus Snape. The couple’s faces, shoes, jewels, nails and dresses also mimicked decorations as available in the novels. via kellyclarke.co.uk (h/t) | via boredpanda