Gorgeous Celebrity Weddings

Even though their marriage ended abruptly, marriage of Evelyn and Chad OchoCinco was no doubt a fairy tale. On July 4, there were sparks, which were flowing through out their wedding ceremony. Everything was expensive and included the real gold spiked loafer, which Chad wore during the ceremony.

Will Kopelman and Drew Barrymore wedding was a big bang as well and it was gorgeous as well to say the least. Then 37, Drew was pregnant and she wore a skirt, which was embroidered with feathers, black belt and tulle flowers. Both the bride and groom, after the reception, rode off old skool style.

When they got married, Mick Jagger’s daughter and DJ Adrian Fillary had a host of stars attending the wedding from Christian Louboutin and Kate Moss. The great Mick Jagger, himself, took time of his tour to give time to the wedding. The wedding was lavish and since money was not a concern for either party, it was a day to remember for all the attendees.

Even when it is done in the natural scene involving a celebrity, it is done in a grand manner. The same happened with Anne Hathaway and his groom Adam Shulman. They got married in the open. All her guests were treated to dinner and spa throughout the weekend in a private estate.

When Monica married her handsome basketball playing boy friend, Shannon Brown, it was a beautiful wedding and one to remember for many. The bride wore a dress designed by Stephanie Rolland. She also had a 50-lb train attached to her gown. However, she didn’t pay much attention to it while walking down the isle in the Vibiana Cathedral.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey hosted a party, which was not to forget ever. They gave scope to each of their guests to stay in air conditioned tents. Again, they had the best caterer to prepare high quality cuisines. The party also continued till Monday and each of their guests had a gala of a time.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton has the entire world standing still and watching it on television, as every channel was covering that. It was definitely the wedding of the century, considering the mass of celebrities and media involved. Now, that was what we would call a Grand Royal Wedding.