Funny animals decide to shoot images by becoming photographers themselves

Watch out, photographers it seems that animals from all over the world are trying to take your job! Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of hilarious photos of animals looking as if they’re about to take pictures. Rather than being the subject of a photo, they want to be the one snapping it.

And we’re not just talking about domestic animals here like cats, we’re talking wild animals like bears and raccoons. Take a look at these funny yet interesting images that will blow your mind for sure. Via : mymodernmet

Photo: Mark Starr

Photo: Simon Roy

via: Wall321

Photo: Paul Kingston

Photo: Burrard-Lucas

via: izismile

Photo: Simon Roy

Photo: Leopold Kanzler

Photo: Newscom

Photo: John Sobey

Photo: Jim Lawrence

via: Pinteresting Pictures

Via: Cutest Paw

Photo: Megan Lorenz

Photo: Vadim Trunov