From rags to riches, the story of Chloe Khan

The story of Chloe Khan’s rise to fame is truly inspirational. She rose from her life which was abject to poverty to a life few can dream of. From rags to riches, it is what can be said about Chloe Khan. She first started gaining recognition with X-Factor, American singing competition. But her ambitions received major setback when she was evicted with humiliation from the show by Simon Cowell, but she didn’t give up.

She started web cam modelling, using her curvaceous figure to her advantage. Today her life is that of any Hollywood star, comprising of private jets and luxury cars and suites.

She set up her own webcam modelling business which became a huge success which prompted her into the world of modelling and today she has become the face of famous brand Spearmint Rhino based in Las Vegas.

Today, her earning is more than any average pop star and she has recently bought herself a six bedroom luxurious house and also bought her mom a four bedroom house too. Her story should inspire everyone to not give up when humiliated but instead should work harder reaching even greater success in life.