From morbid obesity to slim- magic of gastric band

Jack was termed morbidly obese by the doctors, which means, his obesity could lead to death. This was due to the fact that by the age of 16 Jack reached the weight of nearly 20 stones.

Life of a fat boy is not easy. Extreme obesity causes lot of physical as well as psychological effects. Obesity can lead to heart diseases, high blood pressure and many other problems.

On the street people will stare and laugh, make rude comments, all these are common occurring in a fat boy’s life. Jack was no exception. Jack’s love for food was the reason for his obesity and no matter how hard he tried to curb down his eating or tried different techniques, he was unable to reduce his weight.

Instead, he continued to grow huge with every passing year. Doctors said that weight loss surgery is the only way out.

This surgery is known as gastric band operation where the stomach is clipped and made into small pouch so that it gives the feeling of getting full with low eating. This surgery is conducted in New York, and Jack was the first British boy to travel to New York to get a life changing weight loss surgery.