Fetish Model Wears 18 Inch Corset For Perfect Hourglass Figure

Women as everyone know are extremely conscious about their figure. Women can usually go to any extent to get the figure they desire including exercising and extreme dieting. An hour glass figure is said to be a very desirable one and women strive a lot to get a figure of that kind.

Romanie Smith aged 20 hailing from Colchester, Essex, is a fetish model. In a bid to get the perfect hourglass figure, is planning to wear a corset, she has a waistline of 18 inches. This model hopes that by training and dieting extensively, she will be able to get an hourglass figure which will be perfect.

For the record, the smallest waist with a corset on it has been measured to be 15 inches. This eye watering statistics is of course a part of the Guinness World Records.

Lots of compelling pictures and videos of this model are available on the different social networking sites. The corset is usually worn to give an hourglass shape to a woman’s body. It has been tailored and designed in such a manner so as to make the body appear to be in shape of an ancient timekeeping hourglass.