Fat Pussycat Weighing 32 Pounds

Sprinkles might be one of the fattest cats in the world weight a massive 32 pounds. The feline is a domestic shorthair and she has a small chameleon frame. The vet seeing Sprinkles says that in his 40 years of career practice, he has never seen the fattest cat as this domestic shorthair. Sprinkles is such an overweight cat that she can’t even walk and rollover. This fat feline had been taken to the Animal Shelter in New Jersey County in USA and is being taken care of by the SOS Sea Isle City Cats.

Stacy Olandt, a staff from the SOS Sea Isle City Cats says that they have no idea on how Sprinkles became overweight. She adds that they even don’t have idea about the previous owners but it is true that they haven’t cared off Sprinkles well. When first Sprinkles had been brought to the center, she had flees and ear mites.

Worst thing is she had burns at the back as she couldn’t take care of her own. The cat suffers from common problems being faced by overweight humans – her joints are being compromised, her heart is being stressed and cannot move freely. Anyways now she is on the path of recovery with staffs exercising her regularly and maintaining a strict diet.