Family Live With 13 Bears In Their Backyard

Often people hear strange tales about how humans and animals coexist together in the most adverse and extreme of environments, but rarely has it has been seen that these animals being kept as pets in the house of a normal family.

Perhaps the first human-animal association that people had come to know about is through Kipling’s Jungle Book, but in the case of Johnny Welde, the story is similar yet not the same. If one has heard that one only needs the bare necessities to survive, then that is certainly not the case for Johnny Welde and what can be terms as his immediate extended family.

The people belonging to the family have an obsession with bears and 13 bears live in the family’s backyard. Johnny and his entire family have been looking after Grizzly bears for decades now in Florida.

The man aged 58, who is also a wrestler, does not think twice before going swimming with these massive animals.

Some of the bears are nearly 8 feet long and weigh as much as 900 lbs. spending their time with these animals is just another day in the life of this family hailing from the United States of America.