Facts to know about lucerne lion sculpture

At Lucerne, Switzerland, a stone statue of a slain lion is there entrenched in the look of a little cliff which pays compliment to the hundreds of courageous Swiss Guards who courageously encountered their decease in 1792 when rebels attacked the Tuileries Fort in Paris.

A poplar Danish sculptor named Bertel Thorvaldsen created the public construction known as the lion of lucerne that is also mentioned to as a Dying Lion or only the switzerland lion statue in commemoration of the extermination that happened during the French Rebellion and just to honor all these brave men who lost their lives. via [Victor Wong, Andrew Bossi, Disintegrated8, Annette Cormack, mbell1975, Martina Egli, NikitaY, mithuandjoe, Steve & Mill Hall] | via mymodernmet