Elvis – The Heaviest Pussycat In This World

This video contains the story of a 7 year old cat named Elvis. It weighs 16.4 Kg which is over an average of a 3 year old child. The feline is so obese that it struggles to move freely because his legs don’t support his weight. The European short hair even feels it problematic to walk around owing to his obesity. This is why the cat is suffering from a number of health problems.

His owner Katrin Hessbrudge is a member of the Animal Protection Charity residing in Dortmund, Germany. She says that overweight is simply dangerous for any animal as every inner organ gets overstrained. Moreover they are unable to use the muscles in the way as should be. For example: Elvis walks a few steps and lies down then.

The name Elvis is given to the cat for his popular namesake. The feline is being recommended to be on diet strictly so that he loses some weight. This obese cat is also a diabetic and is being regarded as the heaviest pussycat in this world and is under pressure to burn its calories. It is even said that if the feline doesn’t lose weight sooner, there are likely chances the cat might head to the cemetery of pets.