Dubai Rooftoppers Climb 425m World’s Tallest Residential Building

Eid is a festival celebrated all over the world. This year, two Muslim friends and their thrill seeking friend from Malaysia, who is a photographer by profession, wanted to add a lot of thrill to the festival. They were able to scale the tallest residential skyscraper in the world without using any safety equipments.

Yes, you heard it ride, these friends scaled the Marina 101 tower in Dubai. Keow Wee Loong, a daredevil photographer from Malaysia, was able to join hands with his Dubai friends and go to the top of the tower to take some breathtaking images of the sprawling landscape in Dubai. The Marina 101 is still under construction and they went on top of it.

One of the amazing images from the top of the 425m tower showed that there was fireworks exploding in the sky below them. There was another one, which had one of Keow’s friend suspending himself like a human flag on top of the tower. Other than these two images, the friends had a lot of other images taken from the top of the building, which allowed everyone to have an experience of the daredevil move, which these friends did, on top of Marina 101.