Dog Disguised As A Monster Spider To Scare Away People In Poland

Sylwester Wardega, the prankster behind SA Wardega in Poland thought of playing a clever and amusing trick on people for striking fear and fun. He disguised a small black dog who is good at playing spiders causing terror, donning it with a fake tarantula fur and wiring spider legs on its back.

Then, he created a semblance of maimed human body parts having been entangled in the monstrous spider webs on some pole supports stealthily put up for the purpose. Now, the prankster allowed the dog-spider to hunt down preys. Though the dog-spider was effective scaring away people to horror, Wardega was a little worried about its safety, as he feared some may harm it. via | Facebook (SA Wardega) | Facebook (Chica the DogSpider) | Youtube (h/t: lostateminor) | via boredpanda