Do You Know The Reasons Why You Have To Visit Phnom Penh?

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Phnom Penh is a beautiful city located in the south-central Cambodian region at the convergence of the rivers Tonle Sap, Mekong, and Bassac. It is the leading city and also the capital of Cambodia. It is a hub of economics, diplomacy, economics and intellectual heritage. The three rivers are which ecologies are home to Phnom Penh offer fresh water as well as significant wealth for sustainable surrounding circumstances. Phnom Penh is a cosmopolitan mixture of Asian exotica, Cambodian warmth and Indochinese attraction. It is better known as Chaktomuk or the four faces. It is the home to numerous friendly people. The moderately new travel destination is now increasingly developing with new sightseeing places, hotels museums and theatres along with a fast nightlife. It consists of a humid climate all through the year. The normal temperature approximately ranges from 18°C to 38 °C with two seasons- the dry and the rainy season.

Getting around

Penh is simple. Phnom Penh consists of the airports as well as Ferry Port. Majority of visitors utilize the air route to reach there. The traffic is usually high during the day. However, it takes very less time to travel from one part of the city to the other. There are a number of modes of transportation, which you can use to travel throughout the city. Phnom Penh comprises of auto rickshaws better known as Tuk-tuks, which offer a very enjoyable ride. Prices vary from auto to auto depending on the number of people riding in it. Motorcycles taxis are the fastest and cheapest modes of travel, however not very safe if you are not used to it. There are numerous taxi services on call, which are offered 24*7. They also shuttle you in the night. Travelling in taxis is reasonable as well as very safe. The best part is that they will take you anywhere and everywhere you like.

Things to do

Amusements in Phnom Penh comprise of activities like go carting at the Kambol F1 course as well as bowling at the Bowling Club of Phnom Penh. If you want a taste of adventure, you can opt for the river cruise ride, which is offered at the riverfront. The Le Deauville is the best option, if you want to go for river cruise. While you are at the river cruise make sure to stop and travel around the rustic villages of Phnom Penh and see the local people busy weaving dresses of various designs . If relaxation is what you are seeking for, you can relax at the restaurants and the theatres as well. Kids would love the activities like go carting and the amusement parks. Pamper yourself at the spas.

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Phnom Penh offers excellent dining when it comes to food. They consist of some exquisite restaurants with quality food ranging from French cuisine to American and Cambodian cuisine. Excellent Cambodian food can be tasted in the restaurants. The Cambodian food is similar in taste to the South East Asian foods. They serve dishes like the curries, barbecues, and a lot of fish and meat based meals. The Khmer cookery is very famous and ought to be tasted once, if you visit Phnom Penh. It is light spiced and easy on the taste buds. Another must try dish is the Amok- a coconut based curry cooked in exotic coconut. The Chinese food is also very popular in Phnom Penh. Other cuisines like Italian, German, French and American are also well sought after. However, French cuisine dominates in Phnom Penh. It is worth mentioning that most famous dining places are French.

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There are numerous wide varieties of hotels and guesthouses, which are offered by Phnom Penh. They vary according to price and size. There are hotels which are very cheap affordable to all for one night stays, as well as luxurious hotels which are little expensive. Lot of hotels is located by the riverfront with an exquisite view. Rooms range from mid range AC rooms to Luxurious AC rooms with Fridge, Cable TVs and heaters, hot water, room service and other services. Some hotels consist of their own dining, community centers and spas, where you can pamper yourself and hang out for recreation. Guesthouses are spread all over the city so you will never face a problem in finding good accommodation in Phnom Penh. Try staying in a guesthouse in Phnom Penh. You will love it!


There are excellent things to shop for in Phnom Penh. It consists of things like silk, furniture, books and Souvenirs, which can be taken back as mementos. The bookshops contain CDs, DVDs; different kinds of books as well as music and software. Lady’s silk clothing is a good buy in Phnom Penh. Monument book store is the largest distributor of books in the country. There are a number of places, where you can visit for varieties of goods. A Range of Electrical items can be found which might not be so cheap, however they are worth spending on. The international supermarkets offer ranges of products ranging from fruits, vegetable, meat, food and dairy products.


Entertainment in Phnom Penh ranges from nightclubs to pubs to different sightseeing places, shopping around various malls, and fine dining. You can enjoy an ideal blend of entertainment consisting of sporting to cultural events. Avid theatre lovers can visit the famous theatres in Phnom Penh. The Khmer shadow puppet performance is one of the loveliest and superb shows one can watch with family. Sport lovers can book tickets for the national soccer league. Engulf yourself into fine dining and exquisite pleasures. There are various music clubs and theatres in Phnom Penh including the Sovanna Phum Theatre and exquisite Art Gallery in Phnom Penh. With so many entertainment options in Phnom Penh, it is very rare that one will get bored.


Phnom Penh is a great place to party in during the night. It offers a selection of places where you can choose from including fine dining, bars and karaoke as well as neighborhood pubs, where you can drink and make merry. It is a great place to be with friends. It is very easy to commute from one place to the other since the places are all clustered side by side is worth saying that the city is actually busier after twelve in the night with numerous bars and pubs. Some very famous bars where you can be during your stay are, Zeppelin Howies and Walkabout. Some bars remain open till 4 Am at dawn. There are also large numbers of fine dining by the riverside, which serve awesome food at night.


There are large numbers of attraction in Phnom Penh ranging from exotic dining to unique shopping and a great nightlife. Along with that Phnom Penh showcases some excellent pieces of cultural heritage which cannot be avoided on the tour. The Royal Palace and the Silver Pagoda are places worth Visiting. Phnom Penh also consists of a large number of museums, which offer the history of the city. The Toul Sleng Genocide Museum, the central museum and the Russian markets are also places you should take time out and be to for a while. Phnom Penh is also noted for its well-maintained sprawling green gardens, 17th century Emerald Buddha and the Sisowath Bay. So visit Phnom Penh and indulge yourself in its beauty. It is simply a paradise on Earth, not to be missed.

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