Danny Prefers Breast Milk Over Steroids for Buffy Body

There are many, who move to steroids to get buffy. However, Danny Davidson is one of those men, who prefer BREAST MILK over anything in a bid for getting a buffy body.

Danny is a 32-year fitness trainer from Essek. He drinks about 100 ml of breast milk on almost a regular basis for complimenting his rigorous training regime. Danny believes in the fact that this thick liquid is the best, in case you are looking to build your body muscle, as it comprises of growth hormones for accelerating the buffiness.

The fitness trainer knows that there is a risk of infection from HIV and Hepatitis with every sip, as he is buying breast milk from unknown sources on a website, which is dedicated for selling this unusual fad. While, Debbie, Danny’s wife, is now content with the fact that her husband is spending almost 40 pounds a week on such gloopy stuff, but she still fears for the danger, which is on the plate. However, Danny, since starting 5 years back, has not faced any problems. Now, he feels with his body growth that the risk is worth taking. Even some of his gym friends believe that Danny is onto something big for the future.