Cute Chihuahua Mimicking Miley Cyrus in All His Poses

This Goofy chihuahua, Mervin, is a 16-year-old rescue and has an uncontrollable tongue. His tongue has made him being compared with the pop star, Miley Cyrus. Currently, Mervin, using his small cute tongue, has taken the entire online world by storm. It has a comical feel to the image, which makes him a likeable character.

His current owner, Joey Teixeira, got Mervin a year back from a shelter, where Owen works. He came to the shelter in quite a bad shape. He had to get his knee repaired and his teeth removed as both of them were not functioning properly at all.

Having no teeth is a reason why Mervin cannot keep his tongue inside his mouth. Fearing that no one will adopt the dog, 27-year-old Joey adopted the dog and make it live with his other pets at home.

After taking a few cute images of Mervin, Joey decided to put them online and it got a huge response. At this point, Mervin has 20,000 followers in Twitter and 9,000 fans in Facebook. With his growing popularity, the owner feels that the process of adaptation will get a huge boost in the community and similar to Mervin, many dogs will find a home.