Cute Baby Elephant Seal Cuddles Up To Tourist

This one is a cute video that is a display of a heart melting hug with a super cute elephant baby seal. This was experienced by Charlene Fritz, 35, a Canadian who managed to encounter with this wonderful seal at Snow Hill Island in the Antarctic Peninsula.

This adorable baby elephant seal is just two months old but already possessed a whopping weight of 200 lbs. Charlene is a yoga enthusiast that helped her to prolong this magnificent and endearing encounter for a bit longer period of time.

These charming creatures already make you quite irresistible making you want to cuddle them. But the only constraint is their unimaginative heavy weight.

Luckily, Charlene is a yoga expert and thus was able to enjoy this magical touch from the cute baby seal by taking the reclining hero pose. She also made sure not to touch this sweet creature directly as was advised to her. Though taken in 2011 she had recently released this video. The poor baby seals are often left unattended by their moms in the early years. But finally they gather the courage and go into the sea. This is an immensely cute video. Watch it to feel it.