Convince your partner to get a boob job with “Convince her Manual”

Which man doesn’t love big boobs? There is no guy on Earth who will deny that they secretly fantasize about girls with big boobs. Now it is not possible to always get partners with big boobs but one can always convince her to get her boobs augmented. Ivan LeCasque, like every other man, loves big racks, and has convinced his partner Victoria to get her boobs augmented. Victoria got her breasts enlarged from 500cc to 1650cc.

Ivan and Victoria then wrote a book on how to convince one’s partners to get a boob job. The 59 year old rightly says that a relationship is successful only when the girl is able to fulfil the fantasy of the boy.

Most men secretly wish that their partner had bigger boobs but never says it out aloud in fear of offending her. But Victoria feels that a woman should try and fulfil her man’s fantasies, and for that if she needs to get her boobs augmented, she should do so instead of hesitating.

Of course, the woman has the last say and the manual is just a guide to convince her without hurting her feelings. Ivan’s book has sold over 3000 copies worldwide and the readers have hugely benefitted from it.