Contortionist Folding Her Way to Guinness Book of World Records

If you would have a flexible body as Leilani Franco, a 29-year-old girl from London does, then there is no imagining what can be achieved by you.

One of the astonishing examples of her amazing body is that she is able to fold herself into the carry on suitcase without any problem whatsoever, which means that travelling for her can be quite cheap.

Wherever she goes, she has the onlookers amazed with the different acrobats that she does. After going to a circus at the age of 18, she found out that she could do acrobats without a problem and she became a professional contortionist.

Leilani keeps on learning new tricks by following her day-to-day activities. Again, she never minds people looking at her while she tries new tricks, while she is walking on the road on a random day.

Currently, she has the record for doing the backbend walk in the fastest time. Again, she has the record of doing contortion rolls at the quickest speed. However, one of the tricks, which has everyone jaw drops even after watching it for a number of times, is the number of full body revolutions done at a given point of time.