Color Films Hold Your Breath Telling Stories In More Appealing Ways

Black and white films like “Artist” winning Oscar awards is an exception than a rule. Color films always spell a unique sway over the audience as they show scenes of the stories more naturally and aesthetically, arousing emotions and running the story with speed and interest.

Reiterating the indispensability of color films, Tweeter @ cinemapalettes compiled color palettes from ever-green scenes of movies. They are Stanley Kubrick’s “Shining,” Alejendro Inarittu’s “Revenant,” Hayao Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away,” and George Miller’s “Mad Max,” and others. Some scintillating color scenes reproduced here will create awe and excitement in you: train running scene from Spirited Away; and a man climbing up the stairs followed by his shadow from The Truman Show. via Twitter (DeMilked, DesignTaxi) | via boredpanda