Bodyshock – Half Ton Man

This is an amazing presentation from Body Shock that shows a man who has a whopping weight of 76 stones. After being trapped in his house for about 7 years he is now taken out to be treated. His weight is similar to 5 baby elephants. In fact when he is rolled to his back he is unable to breathe because his weight prevents his lungs from expanding and contracting.

In this video you will get to see how he is literally being crushed under his own weight.

Doctors and practitioners are at awe to see such a man whose desire to eat exceeds his sheer will to live. At the age of 4 he weighed 6 stone. No matter how much he ate there was always room for more.

When he made it to the hospital he was almost drowning in his own fluid. However, the doctors gave him hope saying that Gastric Bypass Surgery can turn out to be the last resort and may help him with a new life.

But the heaviest woman of the world who had a jaw-gaping weight of 1200 pounds at her heaviest and came down to 300 just through strict diet disagrees to this.