Beautiful photos taken while animals were looking outside

Maximum photos feature animals in their natural poses, but other than this there are ways of creating intense animal photo compositions. Windows can be beautiful pieces of story-telling in such photography like of domestic animals that are patiently waiting for their master to return or wild animals investigating abandoned homes. One must keep in mind the fact that they need to be very attentive to their camera’s focus if they use automatic ones. Cameras tend to focus on reflections on windows rather than the intended subject matter. Keeping that in mind, take a look at these beautiful pictures in this pictures. via boredpanda

Image credits: Kai Fagerström

Image credits: Kai Fagerström

Image credits: Milos Jovanovic

Image credits: Anna Kryczkowska

Image credits: Mark Bridger

Image credits: Beatrice Schuler

Image credits: Kadir Irkin

Image credits: Fabio Chiari

Image credits: dmums