Artists recreating historical black and white photos in color

Most of the historical pictures are in black and white and for this we can never know what those people and the surroundings looked like actually. With this thinking redditers called r/ColorizedHistory have digitally changed some historical pictures into colors for bringing those to life. Here are twenty such photos that include famous personalities, celebrities, historical incidents, country stores etc.

Although, these photos can be related to life; contradictory views have also come up that these artists are distorting historical facts. Visit the page to see those critically and form your own opinion. via Historic Black and White Pictures Restored in Color (Part II)! | via boredpanda

Colorozed by: HansLucifer

Image credits: Murray Becker

Colorozed by: Dana Keller

Image credits:

Colorozed by: Edvos

Image credits: John Vachon

Colorozed by: photojacker

Image credits: Frank Worth

Colorozed by: malakon

Image credits: Toni Frissel