Artist used LSD and sketched herself for 9 hours to display how it affects brain

This is indeed something weird which you are going to check out here as you will find how an artist used LSD and sketched her for 9 hours to display how it affects brain. This is a segment which you will probably have not seen or heard of before.

Do share the segment with your friends and they too will be stunned just like. This link is quite popular on the web in modern times and you should check it out in details to know what the fuss is all about. Check it now. via  whatafinethrowaway (h/t: aplus, cowboybooks) | via boredpanda

15 min after taking LSD

45 min

1 h 45 min

2 h 15 min

3 h 30 min

4 h 45 min

6 h

6 h 45 min

8 h

8 h 45 min