Armless Cyclist Hopes to Win Gold at Paralympics

Jagwinder Singh is a 24-year-old competitive cyclist from India. He was born without arms, but it did not stop him from learning this competitive sport. After watching the 2012 London Olympics, Jagwinder got the inspiration and he got his own bike to try and become what he saw on television. Currently, he travels almost 25 km at least 3 times a week in his hometown of Patran, which is located in Punjab. With his dreams and determination, he hopes to get an opportunity in Paralympic and then win a gold there as well.

Jagwinder is also an art teacher and loves cooking too. He creates beautiful images and sells them at galleries. Again, he believes in the fact that he has legs to do what his arms could have done and hence, he doesn’t get that incomplete feeling. He also love cooking.

Today, both Jagwinder and his coaches are working hard to ensure that he lives his dream and achieve recognition across the world. His family and friends are also proud of him, as they believe that living a life like he does is an inspiration for many. His parents now wish that once he achieve his dreams, Jagwinder should also get a love in his life to take care of him.