An Art Collection Worth Millions to be Opened for Public Viewing

For many, keeping the artifacts of high value needs to be done quite carefully. However, Eric Edwards feel otherwise.

Eric lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant area of New York. He has made a hobby out of collecting African artifacts over the years. At this moment, he has over 1,600 art pieces in his galleries, with each of them telling a unique story. To achieve each of them, he has travelled to different parts of the world and participated in different auction just to ensure that he gets the product at the cheapest rate. He says that it was his father, who bought him close to the African culture. Today, his sister helps him out in building his collection.

Now, he wants every one to open his collection to public. He wants to distribute the word around the neighborhood in such a manner that the African Culture is promoted. Even the neighborhood in Brooklyn agrees to his thoughts. 68-year-old hopes that even after he passes away, with this collection, the flavor of the culture will survive amongst the generations to come. Valued slightly above 10 million USD, each of the artifacts are not only pretty, but they tell you a lot about the African nation.