Amazing shoe art

Shiftwear intends to present to you the future ahead of schedule with their adjustable, HD eInk-controlled shoes. The shoes guarantee to (in the end) let you show movements and shading pictures on the sides of your tennis shoes, all controlled through a portable or desktop application. New York-based Shiftwear has effectively raised 128,560 USD, surpassing their 25,000 USD objective.

Obstacles remain, be that as it may 2 million USD is important to deliver the idea shoe appeared in the limited time recordings, as 25,000 is just to support a model. In the event that delivered, Shiftwear guarantees that their shoes will act naturally fueled, 100% waterproof, have kevlar fiber soles, and come in 3 distinct styles. via | Indiegogo | FB | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr (h/t: dailydot) | via boredpanda