A Rare Astronomical Phenomenon With Five Planets Aligning In A Straight Line In A Decade

For the first time since 2005, five planets-Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury- are to appear on an alignment before dawn (45 minutes before sunrise) during Jan 20-24, with spillover for the first week of February. Australian scientist Duffy at Melbourne says,” This is a rare and peculiar alignment happening on the horizon.” Sitting on a the same flat plane, but having varying life cycles, the planets make a grand Astronomical phenomenon.

With Android device, the SkEye App will guide you where to look for the planets, while viewing through a Telescope will facilitate a clearer view. Flat horizon, dark sky and a place away from lights will also add to better gazing. via skyandtelescope.com (h/t: australiangeographic) | via boredpanda

Image credits: Doug Murray

Image credits: Alan Duffy

Image credits: ABC News