A New Japanese Spray Makes Everything Smell Like Cat-Head

Cat-head always has a smell described as sunshine smell or the sweet scent of a newly baked bread. Appreciating this smell, Japanese company Felissimo did research and formulated a well-thought out cat-head spray for use by the people.

After a 4-month long research and a lot of cat sniffing, the perfumery company head Mr.Yamamoto succeeded in scientifically preparing a scent truly replicating the cat-head smell, free from any harm. The cost of the spray is $10 which comes along with a head-scented hand cream making your rough hands very soft. May be, all cats don’t smell so good, but this Felissimo cat-head spray, prepared using the best ingredients, gives the best smell. via felissimo.co.jp (h/t: kotaku) | via boredpanda

Image credits: yuzuyuzu_nyan_e