9 Celebrities with Before and After Cosmetic surgery

We all know most of the Hollywood stars love cosmetic surgery so much because it will help them look more amazing and attractive than before. Below are the pictures of celebs who did the surgery and of course some look much better while some just look uglier!

Megan Fox
If you look at her new upgrade face, you would feel the same as me. It is just totally different from before. Her cheeks, lips, and forehead looks fuller. She looks a lot better now. Everything is just perfect.


Kim Kardashian
If you look at her before and after, Kim just looks much more better! Everything is just looking so amazing from A to Z. Awesome job to the plastic surgeon.

Tyra Banks
If you look at Tyra Banks before and after, you will find no doubt on why you have to upgrade herself. Tyra is one of my most inspiration women- she is not just a model, signer, actress, but a businesswoman also…

Nicole Richie
Well, Nicole has made a great decision with her breast augmentation. She looks way more attractive than before with a new upgraded stuffs. The doctor is not bad at all.

Zac Efron
I don’t see so much changes at all with Zac, but what I notice is the nose. It looks more natural than before. This man has stolen many hearts from the girls if I am not wrong. I love the way he smiles so softly.

Donatella Versace
I have no idea for this picture. It is up to you all to decide if the before is better than after or after is better than before. But whatever it is I guess she still made the right choice for a person at this age.

Gwyneth Paltrow
She look ways so much better with her breast enhancements. I think it is the perfect time for her to consider more enhancement as you know when you are a mother of two children everything seems tired and it need a new upgrade on many things.

Rumer Willis
Dancing with the STARs Season 20 winner, Rumer Willis, was not always pretty like she looks right now. However, a bit of cosmetic surgery was all the little princess of Bruce Willis, her dad, needed to become the glamorous star, which she looks right now. She is just adorable and sexy at this moment.

keira knightley
Keira Knightley might be one of those stars, who would not have needed any cosmetic attention, as she was always gorgeous. However, this image of her before and after the surgery, does say a lot about the fact that it did make a difference for her when it comes to her look and probably added a bit of impressiveness in her.