9 Breathtaking Antarctica Photographs by Martin Bailey

Tokyo based photographer Martin Bailey has shot the most incredible pictures of Antarctica. Martin Bailey is the man who has passion to stay close with nature and he also loves sharing his artistic vision and knowledge to everyone. Martin Bailey’s work has been featured in many popular magazines such as X-Rite, Korean Air, Pomegranate, Real Music and Light of Consciousness, ect.

His photos below looks like prehistoric landscapes as it shows us no sign of existence from human or any species at all. It looks so quiet but the most breathtaking place at the same time. Image Credit: His Website / Facebook

Iceberg in "Paradise"

The blue water, a huge iceberg, may be a couple more, and a beautiful sky with cloud cover on it – this entire image has been together taken by Martin Bailey, a popular Tokyo photographer. The color contrast on this image says in itself that Martin is quite a talent in his trade.
Antarctica Photographs by Martin Bailey 3

Looks like there is a passage created out of Ice over here in the Antarctica region. It is quite a spectacle and imagine how would it be to go under that in a kayak. This image taken by Martin Bailey looks so amazing that you would barely want to stop yourself from watching this in person.
Antarctica Photographs by Martin Bailey 4

It is a wonderful sight seeing the sun shining bright in a clear blue sky in Antarctica, as it is rare and the light on the ice makes an amazing view. Martin Bailey, the Tokyo-based photographer, has captured this amazing moment with immense precision. This is one of the reasons why he leads a huge pack quite easily.
Antarctica Photographs by Martin Bailey 5

The reflection of a huge iceberg on the ice cold water of Antarctica, the cloud cover at the top with slight view of the sky as well and bits and pieces of ice here and there spread everywhere. It seems that this image taken by Martin Bailey depicts a story in its own, which you would like to feel over and over again.
Antarctica Photographs by Martin Bailey 6

It might be a challenge to live in Antarctica, but the spectacle on view there, as taken by the popular photographer from Tokyo, Martin Bailey, simply makes it something to be looked at over and over again. You can feel relaxed and there might be little or nothing to worry about over here.
Dysney Ice Castle

A wrecked ship standing in the middle of nowhere, with ice all around it and a bright sky on top of it ensures that you might get chills in your body, not just for the weather there. However, you will feel the chill for the image, which has been captured by Martin Bailey.
Polar Pioneer in "Paradise"

This site in Antarctica seems like the perfect place to be at, where you might sit down and relax for a considerable length of time. Look at the white ice, look at the pretty water and look at the clear sky, it seems Martin Bailey had a visual in his mind of such a place and took the capture as perfectly, as he was thinking of in his mind.
Whaler Cove