9 Beautiful European Cities You Have to Go

1. Berlin is one of the prettiest cities in Germany, as it is a cultural wonderland. It has an impressive roster of art galleries and museums. There are different historic neighborhood to explore as well for you. Again, there is a wonderful nightlife in store for you as well, if you like to spend your nights in clubs and bars. You can never have a boring time during night hours in Berlin.

2. The undeniably beautiful City of Stockholm in Sweden is one of the places, which you must visit, if European tour is on your mind. The ideal time to visit this place is during the summer, as you can enjoy the flavor there under the extra blue sky, which makes the city look prettier than it already is. You will find visitors flocking in during the summer.

3. Capital City of Denmark, Copenhagen, is amongst the friendliest and the charming cities on the entire planet. There are squares and historic canals, which you will love to visit. Top that with the visit for the Tivoli Gardens. It is close to 170-year-old and is a beautiful place to visit, if you are in the Danish Capital.

4. Being termed as the hipster capital of Europe, Budapest, Hungary, is amongst the most beautiful places in the continent. The playground is perfect for young travelers and it has an incredible and super cool nightlife. You can even visit few museums and ogle the architecture of the city to have an incredible time.

5. The energetic atmosphere of Barcelona, Spain makes it the amazing place to visit in the world. Set upon the Mediterranean, there is an activity for each and everyone there. Check the famous La Sagrada Familia and you can even party till the sun rises in the city.

6. Overlooking the Lisbon, Portugal, there is a mirror of thousand colors on offer, which even offers the city it’s nickname. It is totally pretty. Again, there is a host of Gothic Cathedrals on offer. There are Gorgeous monastries as well as quaint little streets, which you can explore throughout the day and have fun.

7. Dublin, Ireland can be characterized as a city with cobblestone street and innumerable pubs having beers flowing everywhere. However, other than that, the Irish city also has Cathedrals and Libraries on offer for you. You can also visit Guinness Storehouse for drinking as much of pints as possible.

8. Glasgow is the largest and easily the stylish city of Scotland. It is always abuzz. It has a vibrant art culture as well as several renowned monument on offer. You can even have a wonderful time visiting the different restaurants, pubs and friendly locals.

9. Brussels in Belgium has several reasons to be a popular destination for vacation goers, which include waffles, beer and chocolate. It also has a lot of amazing architecture on offer with numerous historic sites as well as cozy cafe culture. You can even visit it the cultural center of the city to have a wonderful time.