9 Awesome Places In Asia You Must Visit At Least Once

1. Tiger’s Nest Temple of Bhutan has just the view, which you will leave you mesmerized, if you decide to view it. It is located 3000-ft above Paro Valley. Legend has it that over 1300 years ago, one of the gurus, Guru Rinpoche, built this temple while he was on the back of a Flying Tigress. He also led the foundation of conversion of Bhutanese to Buddhism.
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2. Another must visit city in Asia is Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It has the grace of being an advance city and the feel of an old cultural touch too. In the form of Petronas Twin Tower, Central Market, China Town and Buta Caves, you get a lot of different places to visit in the city, if you plan a short vacation here.
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3. The Danxia Landforms of China are beautiful landscapes and they are unique only to China. They have been formed with red sandstone given proper shape by strong forces. It was added to the World Heritage List back in 2010. Even an image of this place cannot explain the beauty of it.
cCredit: China

4. If you want to see a symbol of love, there cannot be anything better than the Taj Mahal in Agra, India. It was built by an emperor in the memory of his beautiful wife. It took 16 years for this monument to be built and is considered as the jewel for the Muslim Community of India. Together with its beautiful garden and unique construction, Taj Mahal symbolizes Heaven on Earth for many.

5. The Great Wall of China is a massive structure stretching almost 4000 miles. Built for defense, it is easily the longest wall on the planet. However, many parts of the wall have been damaged due to natural reasons. You can still get a nice view of the wall, if you go to Beijing.

6. Bali in Indonesia is one of the most romantic settings for lovers. It has long beaches and deep blue sea. It can be just the tropical paradise, which you were searching for. You can even have a vacation there visiting temples, dive and caves. Even the climate support your choice of Bali, as it is wonderful.

7. Hong Kong is definitely the shopping outlet for China. You can find anything and everything there, whether you are shopping in Central, also known as Landmark Mall, or the street shops, which are thousands in numbers there. You can shop till you want to, if you are here.

8. If you are a fan of nightclub, you do not have to go anywhere but Patong, in Thailand. It has more than 100 restaurants, discos and bars. You will attain your main goal for visiting this place, which is to have an amazing nightlife.

9. The Shwedagon Pagoda of Mynammar is easily the biggest and the most sacred of all the pagodas in the world today. With the size of the monument being around 325-ft all covered in gold complimented by more than 7,000 gems, this is a magnificent building and a must see, if you are planning a visit to this country.