9 Amazing Hotels You Have to Visit in Your Lifetime

1. Look at the view of this amazing hotel in Switzerland. It seems like the entire mountain is on you and you are leaving on the edge of the world. Ascher Cliff is without doubt amongst the most creative designs, which you will come across ever. You would definitely want to visit there.
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2. Finland is quite cold and to live in an igloo style room, which is quite grand from inside is an opportunity, which no one would want to miss. Hotel Kakslauttanen has an amazing design, which you would wish to utilize as your accommodation, if and when you plan to visit the country.
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3. Ladera Resort in ST. Lucia has that Caribbean feel to it. You can get the maximum feel of living in an island in this accomodation. It has jungle on one side and then island on the other. You can relax wherever you want in the hotel and you would have the same amazing feel in you.
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4. The Manta Resort in Zanzibar is yet another incredible location to spend your time in. You will, in no where, come across a design like this for a hotel, which is half submerged in water. It is like living in a submarine. Again, you do not need a swimming pool in the morning, as the entire waterbody is for you to relax.
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5. With a direct view of the Eiffel Tower from your room and a grand decor to have a rest in, who would not want to spend time in the Shangri La Hotel of Paris. It has the style as well as the atmosphere, which will please you as well as your partner.
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6. Conrad Maldives in the Rangali Island can give you a feel of being in an aquarium, whether you are eating your dinner or you are having a sleep in your bedroom. It is a beauty to say the least when it comes to an abode with a unique touch. Spending time here will definitely soothe your soul.
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7. One of the most romantic settings to spend your honeymoon is the Hotel Ubud Hanging Gardens. Similar to what the name suggests, this place hangs on top of the forest and you can spend a quality time with your partner during the most romantic times post your marriage.
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8. If you want to get the real feel and color of Greece, it would be best for you to stay Katikies Hotel-Oia. It has been made mainly using the natural resources and it’s design is something, which attracts the tourist. Again, the interior white of the furnitures and its surroundings is simply captivating.
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9. Look at the way Montana Magica Lodge of Chile has been designed and you will definitely have a feel of being a part of a fairy tale. The way to the hotel and the structure of the entire hotel seems to have been taken from a Harry Potter Movie. And it is equally classy on the inside making it just the place to spend time with your partner.
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