80 Year Old Man Doesn’t Take A Bath in 60 Years

This is so crazy when there is a man on the planet doesn’t take a bath in 60 years. I can’t imagine how he lives without washing at all. While most of the people taking 2 bathes a day, this 80 year-old man forgets to bath for 60 years. One of the amazing thing is that he doesn’t have any skin disease at all. I guess although you wash him 10 or 20 times, but the dirty skin will be going to stay still.

By looking at his skin, it is just so awkward and disturbing and especially look at the picture on how he hold 4 cigarettes and smoked it at a time. Via: ViralNova | Image Source


You will have seen a lot of people living their life in the filth just because they do not have the resources or are too lazy to even clean the dirt of their body. Here is a series of images of a guy, who have not had a bath for over a 60 years out of the 80 years, which he has lived.

It’s quite difficult to even realize that there is a man sleeping on the ground in the midst of the rocks. The color of his skin has changed so much that now, it seems like he is a rock himself. His hand, his feet, his face and his entire body is now matching the color of the rocks around him in this image.

It is a closeup to how this man looks. This image has him smoking 5 cigarettes together. The dirt on his nails might seem that they are the ashes from the cigarettes, which he is holding, but it is the dirt because of not having a bath for close to 6 decades.

Looking at this image with the mountains on the backdrop, the color of which looks the same to this 80-year-old man, making him seem like a sculpture from the past, you might feel pity for the guy. No one knows why or who made him suffer for such a lengthy amount of time. However, the truth is that he is suffering quite bad, as it is visible in this image.

Here it is, may be the place where he lives. The 80-year-old has not taken a bath for such a long time and it is quite obvious, where he lives might not be clean either. This is quite a disturbing and an awkward sequence of images, which might make you think, how this man is still alive.