8 hours to recreate elegance

For the vast majority people, Etch a Sketch may be only a toy, yet for craftsman Jane Labowitch, it’s an unusual canvas and device for her perplexing drawings. Wandering aimlessly the two plastic handles, she’s reproduced one of history’s most notorious pointillist depictions: 1884 showstopper,on Sunday.

This required exactly her eight hours to extract its resemblance and the outcomes are noteworthy, no doubt. Particularly when held up by Seurat’s artistic creation, it’s made richly clear that she has figured out how to catch the substance of the perfect work of art’s piece. At initially she had moved toward reproducing the work of art from a computerized picture. Image Credit: More info: Via: Website | Facebook | Etsy | via [Adventures of Yoo] | Via mymodernmet

Original painting, A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat.

Labowitch during one of her drawing sessions.
Photo credit: Sheila Klingel Laurienti