8 Crazy Mind-Blowing Pictures by Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale

If you love or like looking at art. I want to present these crazy mind-blowing pictures by Buenos Aires-based art director and digital artist Martín De Pasquale to you guy. His manipulative design pictures has shown us many series such as fear and humor & life and death. He is so called Photoshop Master as his images are not just designed from a dream and imagination, but sometimes it looks so real. Please enjoy these freaky and crazy photos below.

Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - body separation

Martin De Pasquale, the digital artist and art director from Buenos Aires, is all about making incredible digital photos, where he has used his imagination to bring a different meaning to all his pictures. In the below image, he has shown how you enjoy your meal to the maximum and even relax at the end of the day.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - coffee cup

Buenos Aries’ Martin De Pasquale, over here, seems to have his heart taken out by minian version of him. Look at the effort and smartness, which is shown by the little Martins to leave the real Martin dead in the middle of the field. What a creative thought by the digital artist is this.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - heart stealing

Just like the bulb, the brain is also fused in this case. However, Martin De Pasquale has a solution to this, as he has just got another set of brain covered by his face in his store room. He just unplugs the fused him and ensure that the fresh him is being plugged in place so that the regular life must prolong as it is supposed to.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - no head

It seems over here that the head of Martin De Pasquale has gone too big and now, it has gone out of his body. Now, since he cannot live without his head, so he is taking it back with him to his home. Hoping to get his head fixed up and back in his body, so that regular tasks can performed without any problem.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - pull a head

Another creative work from Martin De Pasquale, where he shows off that an apple is eating him and leaving him without some part of his body. In another picture, it shows that he is getting his face cut wide open and a younger him is inside waiting to come out and enjoy the world again.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - red apply

You do say at times that there are a lot of you inside of you and this is what Martin De Pasquale is showing with a digital version of him having his mouth wide open. It’s clear that he has a lot of him inside of him and all of them are coming out one by one the moment, they got the opportunity.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - run out from mouth

Too much of beard at times is too difficult to get rid off. Not anymore, if you have smaller version of you and lawn mower to take care of your beard, just like Martin De Pasquale is showing in this amazing image. It is worth the effort and there is no doubt that once the mowing is done, Martin will be as clean as ever.
Digital Artist Martín De Pasquale - shaving

Credit: Behance | Pinterest | Facebook (h/t: illusion / demilked)