7 Highest Paid Celebs Under 30

Taylor Swift has matured not only in her age, but also in her singing and looks. All of them have reflected together in her annual package of almost 80 million USD. And she is all good to be earning more in the coming years, as she is only 25 year old.

Zac Efron, at 27-year-old, is one of the youngest in the league to be paid around 1.5 million USD per month or 18 million annually. As per Rolling Stone Magazine, couple of years back, Zac was the hottest commodity around. Thus, there is no doubt that the man is one of the leading celebrities when it comes to earning big numbers every year.

Robert Pattinson is another one of the stars, who has a huge female fan following, even at the age of 29. With a paycheck of over 25 million USD, he is easily one of the highest paid celebrities, which you will come across in hollywood under the age of 30.

Lil Wayne has crossed 30 years, but he is still too young to go in a league of popular celebrities, who make bucket load of money in spite of being too young for the entertainment industry. It is believed he earns around 30 million on an annual basis, which is a good figure.

British Singer, Adele, is doing a great job with her music and it is believed that he can give a big push to people earning a lot of money in her age group. She is only 27, yet she earns close to 30 million USD on an annual basis. Considering the big hits, which she has given, including Skyfall, this money is well deserved by her.

At only 22 years of age, Miley Cyrus is easily one of the highest paid entertainers around with an estimated payment to be around 76.5 million, which was done in 2014. With such a huge fan following and yet a messed up life style, it was obvious that she would make such a huge figure.

There is no doubt to the fact that Rihanna is a huge celebrity and she earns big numbers all the time. It is believed that last year she made a whooping 48 million USD. With a lot of beauty business endorsements, tours and music releases, the 26-year-old diva looks all set to add more to the numbers.