7 Famous Celebrity Piercings

Even at 70, Harrison Ford could pull of a piercing in his ear. The unique fact about this piercing is that he got it done, when he was 55 and he chose, above everything, Claire’s boutique to get his ear pierced. Imagine the pressure, which the people working at Claire would have been, who generally pierce random teen ears.

Getting piercing is not an uncommon thing, but getting your septum pierced and especially for someone like Scarlett Johansson is unusual. Considering she is very pretty, she should have made this decision out of a lot of pressure to say the least. She claimed that she wanted to bring out her creative side with this move. However, she should have gotten a good role for that.
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There are at least 10 piercings on the body of Miley Cyrus. With 5 on the ear lobes, 3 on the cartilage, one on the nose and another one on the belly button, it seems that Miley does pull it off well, now, that she has gotten rid of her pretty golden locks as well.

With Lady Gaga, you would always expects things to be outrageous to say the least. She preaches all her fans to be themselves and she follows the same philosophy. One of her piercings was shown by her, when she took out her underpants and showed them to many. However, no one should be surprised by her antics.

Another star known for a very pretty piercing is Demi Lovato. She sports a very small yet unique nose stud, which gives her face just the accessory that makes her look prettier. If there is one way of tastefully donning a nose stud, the way Demi is doing it would be that way.

One of the stars, who we barely thought could sport an unusual piercing, was Neil Patrick Harris. However, he came up with some surprise. During one of the Halloween parties at the Playboy mention, he showed off the world his nipple piercing. The small stud on his body did give a surprise to many.

One of the Stars to have an audacious piercings, considering her quite pretty looks, is Amanda Bynes. She, still, looks quite pretty, but she has been stuck in a lot of cases, which are not working towards her image in public. One of the below images has her sporting a piercing on the cheeks, which works towards making her look quite unimpressive.