“7 Days of Garbage” by Gregg Segal, a photographer from California

Gregg Segal, a photographer from California has made a history regarding global pollution. We are a aware of it but we always take things for granted. Basing on the study, American produces about 4 pounds of trash everyday that’s why Gregg Segal has gathered some volunteers to show case in the actual pollution backgrounds. Check out how our trash will effect us below.

Credit info: Gregg Segal’s Website | Slate

Marsha and Steven.

Gregg Segal, a Californian photographer, is out there bringing up the important point of global pollution to everyone with his new image series. He has taken volunteers to come out with an image, where he can prove that 4-pound of trash created by Americans on a daily basis will leave us even enjoying family time in the garbage as you can see in the image below.
Michael, Jason, Annie and Olivia

According to Gregg Segal, even the parks would be filled with garbage and when you will go out to have some quality time with your family, you will have to enjoy in the garbage, as the maximum space in these places will be kept for them. It will be difficult to even breathe in the park.
Elias, Jessica, Azai and Ri-karlo.

We thought that smoking would be injurious to health. Now, here we have a competition in the form of tonnes of garbage. Gregg Segal, Californian photographer, has got a volunteer to smoke in a pile of garbage showing that garbage can have a more killing effect than what a cigarette will have on you.

Whether you want to sleep on the pool or have a dip in the water, it is no more going to be relaxing or serene for you. Now, the entire pool will be filled with dump of different sorts coming out of different households and it will ensure that life will become miserable for everyone, as pointed out by Gregg Segal.

No longer there will be the fresh smell of morning or a bright sunlight when you will wake up after a long sleep. You will only have to smell the garbage and open up to darkness, as pointed out by Gregg Segal, photographer from California. He believes that the 4-pound dump created by American households on a daily basis will make life miserable for everyone.
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