7 Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless!

Everyone has experiences- some have good and some have bad. Especially when you are thinking about celebrities you will assume they have such a great life and many big bags of money but have you ever thought of their past before whoever they become. Below are the pics. of celebrities who once are homeless! Via: celebrityrevolt

Halle Berry
Halle Berry is one of the prettiest and best heart-ed actress out there. But before she started out as an actress she did have a rough life of her own. She was ending up living in a homeless shelter before rising in TV. It is just a dream coming true.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez dream is to be a full time dancer, but while she was a teenager she argued with her mom all time when her mom told her to get a degree from college instead of dancing. She decided to leave her home and was once homeless. As you know miracle does happen and it is just amazing for her to become best of the best.
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Daniel Craig
I can’t believe how a man who once used a park bench in London as a home can transform himself like this. Daniel Craig is my idol all time. When he was 16 he moved to London to join the National Youth Theatre and at that time his life is real broke but who can imagine this!

Machine Gun Kelly
Kelly is another teenager who has argued with parents and was kicked out of the house and live on the street for a while before can get a contract with bad Boy/Interscope.

Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur was living with friend when he was a teenager in Maryland. But when the friend moved out. Tupac Shakur found himeself homeless, but he didn’t give up his dream easily. he finally released an album 2Pacalypse Now through Interscope Records.

Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil may be an amazing person to you but have you asked him what and where were him while he was a young boy! While he was a young boy his dad and him were homeless and lived in the car once.

Suze Orman
Well, I almost can’t believe to see this strong woman in the list too. Suze Orman is a well respected person to me. Because of her my money management seems to work very well. she had lost $52,000 at Merrill Lynch and she had to live in the van and cut the trees for money once.