5 Ways on How to Pick the Perfect Foundation Makeup

If you have the right shade and formula, you can have the smoothest complexion, which looks naturally flawless. To ensure that happens, you need to have the perfect foundation makeup in your hand. Did you know that most women try up to seven foundations before finding the best one? Let us check out the 5 tips to pick the perfect foundation makeup on the first try:

• Apart from making your skin tone look even, the perfect foundation makeup ensures that your complexion is more alive and healthier. For all skin types and issues, there is a foundation available in the market to help you achieve your desired look. If you have dull and dry complexion, you need a hydrating foundation for glowing and dewy skin. For oily skin, you need an oil absorbing foundation with keywords like oil-free or shine reducing on its box for getting a smooth and matte skin. For a combination skin, you need a foundation with lecithin and silica beads to ensure a natural complexion.

• While picking up the foundation, try to choose the one having a slight yellowish cast to it. Almost everyone has some yellow undertones in her complexion. Yellow-based foundations blend beautifully with your skin tone and make it healthy and fresh. This is what a perfect foundation makeup does.

• While you are trying the makeup on before buying it from a store, ensure that you are not buying a foundation makeup, which creates a new skin tone. Your aim should be to perfect your current skin tone, as that will give you a more natural look.

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• You need to make 3 stripes of three different foundations (lighter shade, darker shade and a shade in the middle) from the cheek to the jaw line and then gently blend the same into the skin. The shade, which will be imperceptible, should be the one for you. You should always double-check the shade with your forehead as well, since many women are a bit darker there. If it works in both cheek to jaw line and the forehead areas, you have a winner in your hand.

• It is always best to have two different foundations. One should be for summer and the other for winter, as skin tone reacts differently to different seasons. Your makeup needs to be put on accordingly. For the in-between months, you can mix the two foundations to create a custom shade for yourself.