5 Tips on How to Pick the Perfect Blush

If you are looking for a quick makeover, nothing can give you a better result than blush. With a slight pat on the cheeks for little color, you will appear healthier, fresher and more awake in less than 10 seconds. Choosing the perfect blush is not an easy task. It is an art and requires you to know your skin tone and undertone. The basic idea here is to find the product, which will appear harmonious on us. Let us check out 5 tips on how to pick the perfect blush:

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Choosing Blush Shade as per your Skin Tone
For medium to dark complexion, use warmer shades like coral. If you have a rosy skin tone, you can go for a pink or mauve shade. Porcelain skin tones can have a natural glow with apricot blush. Soft bubblegum pink look amazing on girls with cool to neutral skin and black hair. Amber blush is perfect for olive or yellow undertone. Brown skins can be flattered using red-to-orange or terracotta shades.

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Choosing Blush Type as per Your Skin Type
Cream blush is perfect for mature or drier skin. It adds the needed moisture and allows the complexion to lit from inside. Powder blush is going to have better staying power on an oily skin. If you have dark spots or blemishes, powder form goes better over the concealer.

Complement the Lip Color
For women, who love wearing stronger lip colors, they should opt for a neutral to dusty pink shades for enhancing the bone structure. You should blush only after you have put on the lip color. It helps you to adjust your makeup and avoid appearing overdone.

Choose Subtle Blush and Not Overpowering
Generally, you should opt for a blush, which is more subtle and going to provide you with a natural look. If you choose an overpowering blush, it will make your face seem like it is wearing a mask.

Opt for the Right Brand
When you have covered all the bases, it is time for you to choose the brand that will work on you. Even though they are quite popular amongst the masses, some reputed brands might not work for you. It is wise to pick up some samples and use them before finally deciding on the perfect blush.