5 Tips for the Best and Cheapest Vacations

Need a vacation right now and running low on budgets? Need options to travel cheap yet you don’t want to cut down on the quality of your trip? Below are five best travel destinations which are cheap yet awesome.

1. Dominican Republic

The sunny sea sides and long beaches lined with tropical forests and mountain ranges make up to a feel good travel destination. Visit this place during the months of February and November to avoid tourist rush and steeping hotel prices. Bask in the sun and work on your tan sipping to cool coconut water or a pint of beer and dance the night away in the beats of bachata and merengue in the weekly night parties. Go for hiking on the nearby ranges or visit the famous beach of Panta Cana and spend your times without thinking much about money because mouth-watering Spanish inspired delicacies in street cafes come between $2-$10 while in expensive restaurants also the food comes between the range of $50. There are also cheap per night based hotel payment options starting from $40 per night.

dominicanImage Source:tripadvisor

2. Egypt

the land of the pharaohs and pyramids doesn’t need a royal budget to invade since because of its continued clashes with Afghanistan and Iraq the ticket charges are all sold out in very cheap prices to attract the tourists. It is better to choose Luxor instead of the expensive capital city of Cairo which can be called the world’s largest museum in open air because the city is dotted with ancient statues and monuments. You can stay in the city’s hostels that charge $45 per night located in the Emilio Luxor or the St. Joseph Hotel. The local main course and mezze are available from $2 to $3.50 while the colourful markets selling trendy boho stuff run on bargaining.

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3. Venezuela

The sun shines here 320 days of the year and the weather is amazingl4y joyous with open skies, fresh air and fun loving people so that this place becomes an ultimate beach destination. You can choose the Margarita Island situated at the Northern Coast of Venezuela as your budget friendly travel site where you can get hostels at $15 per night, meals at $8 and beers at $1.20 a bottle. Spend your days with fun and frolic at the palm crested Playa de Agua playing free water sports, eating exotic sea food, shopping at the flea markets or visiting the Mosquito Coast and spend the nights in the night parties getting high and matching your steps to the beat of Cancan.

venezuela-handpicked-angel-falls-2000Image Source:adventureworld

4. Turkey

This place with an intriguing mix of the Orient and the West makes for a very beautiful travel destination. You can enjoy most of the thrills of this place for free like the 140 picturesque Blue Flag beaches and the sizzling belly dancers who adorn the streets in the night. With the expense of your local bus fare get hold of a dolmus, the popular public transport in here and take a trip to the amazing city of Ephesus which is enlisted in the Seven Wonders of the World. with hostel charges starting from $15 per night and meals ranging from $20 you can go for shopping in the local markets that are chic and trendy or go chasing history in the Temple of Apollo and Athena and the Lycian rock tombs.

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5. Croatia

After the wars the restoration of its coastlines and medieval towns has triggered tourism again in Croatia but the fares and hotel charges are still very low comparing its beauty and historical significance. Go to the town of Istria which is a very affordable tourist site in terms of hotels and restaurants. You can also encounter there the historic and legendary Roman towns like Pula and Porec along with castles from the Middle Ages and national parks. In Croatia hostels start from $10 per night while in the wonderful Brac islands there are other options which are a bit pricey but extremely luxurious and they range between $65 per night. For the once who want to travel in style yet with pocket friendly prices Croatia is a marvellous option.
Hope these above travel destinations will wipe out the crease on your temples that emerged due to dire need of a vacation that too in budget friendly prices.

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