5 The Best Face Powder Ever

Face powder is the quickest and the simplest way of covering up blemishes. It also helps in setting your makeup and creates the desired flawless look. It helps in absorbing grease and oil, which leads to reducing the shine, and gives a clean look. Let us check out the 5 best face powder ever for your skin:

Pressed powder is found in a compact. It gives best result, if you are looking to conceal the problem areas on the skin. For dark circles or splotchy skins, pressed powder offers the best result. Some even use it over foundation for helping it to stay in place. Expect the best results to be obtained on girls without oily skin.

Loose powder offers good result on both normal and oily skins. Powder comes in container. It needs to be applied using large powder brush. Loose powder has more oil absorbing capabilities. It smoothes the skin as well as adds color. It needs to be dusted before you are dressed or the powder might float on your clothes.

Mineral powder provides longer coverage than others do. At the same time, it does not clog pores. Experts believe that they can help in decreasing the fine lines and eventually heal your skin.

• Blot powder offers the best solution to people having oily skin or having a very oily T-zone. It is mainly used for absorbing too much of oil present in specific spots.

• Translucent powder is also a good option, as it gives solid results to most types of skin. It can be used for setting up liquid foundations without depositing any color there. It also helps in creating the matted finish, especially in those areas where you have unwanted shine.

Pressed powder

Most reputed brands will have all these varieties of face powder available to you. You just need to know your skin type and choose the face powder accordingly.